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Continuum - Ravens and Birch Trees Tetraptych - Complete Set of 4 8x10" Art Prints

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The originals are all 18x24" mixed media on canvas - I used a combination of acrylic and oils then India ink while getting very drunk and listening to Taylor Swift over the course of two days. The trees are birch trees which are magical af and the ravens are in ink. Incredible! Each image represents one of four seasons and I painted them such that they have continuous edges. They can be rotated to fit together in any sequential order: spring, summer, fall, winter or summer, fall, winter, spring, etc. etc. This is a cool. Fun gift idea.

The high-quality art prints are 8x10" and accurately captures the essence of the originals and will remain vibrant for years to come. I included a few photos of the originals. Prints are unframed and all four will be packaged carefully in paperboard mailers so they should get where they're going.

This is the only place to get premium quality art prints of the Pinfall Tarot (and other wrestling fanart with a fantasy twist) directly from me, the artist, Michelle. I also sometimes have prints of completely original art and this is an example of such. The originals were signed so these prints will be unsigned, but my original signature is visible on each.

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