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Crochet Pattern - Roach the Horse and Yennefer's Unicorn

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This is NOT a completed item, much less two completed! It is the PATTERN to make both items - a horse and a unicorn. They are not actually patchwork stuffed animals either, and you add the detail stitches to give them the patchwork look.

If you purchase this item, the PATTERN will be available for you to download as a PDF file in mere minutes. The 10-page PDF can be opened with Adobe Reader and includes pictures to help with construction alongside the written crochet pattern. The awesome PDF file explains how to make both of these totally awesome crocheted plush toys. It is a MODERATE DIFFICULTY pattern made of many parts and requiring several skills. Some sewing skills are required in addition to crochet, and some parts will require a bit of trial and error so you can get them how you want them.

You might recognize these from Gwent (the standalone card game based on the card game that appears in the Witcher video game series). Both of these plushies are based on the cosmetic items available for the Geralt of Rivia skin in the game. Geralt names all of his horses Roach, after the fish not the insect. Yen loves unicorns, who doesn't?

Pattern is in US English.

•    Size F crochet hook
•    One (1) stitch marker – optional but recommended to mark your rounds
•    Yarn needle
•    Pins to hold pieces in place while attaching – I used bobby pins!
•    Worsted weight yarn
o    Roach: three (3) shades of brown – light, medium, dark – white and black
o    Yen’s Unicorn: light brown, light gray, white
•    Two (2) black button eyes, 20mm or whatever size you prefer (light brown for Yen’s Unicorn)
•    Two (2) buttons, smaller than above for nostrils – or you can stitch nostrils
•    Polyfil or other stuffing material

Gauge: approx. 4 sts/inch and 4 sc rows/inch, but gauge isn’t that important

The finished Roach/Unicorn measures about 13” from nose to tail and 12” tall. The Unicorn is a bit taller due to horn, coming in around 14” tall, give or take.

•    ch: chain
•    sc: single crochet
•    sl: slip stitch
•    inc: increase
•    dec: decrease
•    st/sts: stitch/stitches
•    rnd/rnds: round/rounds

All rnds are continuous and I worked in back loops only (BLO), unless specified. You can work in standard sc if you would like and it should only change the texture.

In addition to sewing to join pieces, you will also need to add detail stitches to give it the patchwork look seen in the game.

**There are NO REFUNDS for PATTERN purchases.**

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