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NEW Elusive Bigfoot Handmade Knit Hat - Black and Rainbow

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New and improved bigfoot hat! Longer, stretchier, slouchier! MORE POWERFUL! Also...gayer? I mean, more rainbow-y. Rainbows are only gay if you want them to be.

Like all of my hats, this bigfoot hat has been carefully hand-knit with durable acrylic yarn. This hat is made of special, extra-soft PREMIUM acrylic yarn - what a time to be alive!

This hat features a bright rainbow background with black. The black really makes the colors pop and this hat is awesome!

The design is based on a hat worn by Lorelei Gilmore and seen briefly on a very old episode of Gilmore Girls. Lorelei’s was gray and white and had an additional bigfoot. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a fan of the show to wear one of these hats! Everyone loves a nice, colorful Sasquatch!

Measurements: Lying flat this hat is about 9.5” across and 11” tall, good for small to average adult heads during spring/fall. Also suitable as a large children’s hat and it will be slouchier on smaller heads. They will be more skullcap style on larger heads.

Materials: Premium acrylic yarn, which is washable, but more lightweight than regular old acrylic.

Care Instructions: Safe for machine washing and drying on gentle/low cycles!

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