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Otis and Mandy Rose as the Lovers Tarot Card - with Guest Star Michael Cole - 8x10" Art Print

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Otis of Heavy Machinery and Mandy Rose as the Lovers being watched over by the Divine Being, Michael Cole. In Otis' hand is a ham and the couple is flanked by hams. Hams are very important and began this entire beautiful relationship. Michael Cole is not dead he is a demigod, a protector, an amazing commentator, and one of the only level-headed people in wrestling today. Many people refer to this card as The Michael Cole card due to his great prominence. This card is The Lovers though - Otis and Mandy. I hope they never break up.

The original is India ink and colored pencil on 14x17" 60 lb paper. This piece of art captures the hand-drawn look of the recognizable Rider-Waite card and also pulls a bit from the Thoth deck as well.

Each high-quality 8x10" art print accurately captures the essence of the original and will remain vibrant for years to come. Otis and Mandy, The Lovers (with special guest Michael Cole), is available on gloss cardstock. Prints are unframed and packaged carefully in paperboard mailers so they should get where they're going.

This is the only place to get premium quality art prints of the Pinfall Tarot (and other wrestling fanart with a fantasy twist) directly from me, the artist, Michelle. Every print is hand-signed by yours truly with my remarkably unobtrusive John Hancock that you will find in the lower right corner (usually).

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