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Crochet Pattern - Baby Armored Zandalari Raptor Amigurumi

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Pattern ONLY! This is ABSOLUTELY NOT a finished Zandalari raptor! If you would like me to make you a crochet raptor, please request a custom order. I'm glad to make you one in any colors you'd like.

If you purchase this item, the PATTERN will be immediately available for you to download as a PDF file, which can be opened with Adobe Reader. The awesome PDF file explains how to make this totally awesome crocheted plush toy. It includes the written pattern as well as photographs to help with assembly. It is a MODERATE/INTERMEDIATE DIFFICULTY pattern made of many parts and requiring several skills. Some sewing skills are required in addition to crochet.

Pattern is in US English.

Skills (and Abbreviations)
• Ch: chain
• Sl: slip stitch
• Sc: single crochet
• Inc: increase
• Dec: decrease
• St/sts: stitch/stitches
• Rnd/rnds: round/rounds
• Whip stitch
• Running stitch

Note: I worked this pattern in the BACK LOOPS ONLY. This is not necessary, but if you use standard stitches it will change the appearance slightly.

Tools and Materials
• Size F crochet hook
• Stitch marker
• Yarn needle
• Worsted weight yarn in chosen colors, plus a bit of turquoise for the eyes
• Polyfil or other stuffing material

Gauge: 4 sts/in and 4 sc rows/in

Finished raptor in a sitting position measures approximately 12” from tail tip to foot and 12” from largest horn to bottom. Change your hook size or gauge to change the size of your raptor!

Color suggestions for each raptor:
Lil’ Tika – Light green with darker green details and gold armor with ivory or off white tusks/horns **I chose to make Lil’ Tika. I went with an olive green for the darker skin details, but I think it may look better with a more generic darker shade of green.
Anklerender – Light blue with darker blue details and charcoal armor with lighter gray details and off white tusks/horns
Footslasher – Brown with darker brown details and gold armor with lighter gold details and ivory tusks/horns
Kneebiter – Purple with deeper purple details and moss green armor with off white tusks/horns
Shinchomper – Blood red with dark purple details and gray armor with black horns/tusks
Toenibbler – Beige with tan details and brown armor with black horns/tusks

**There are NO REFUNDS for pattern purchases.**

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