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Crochet Pattern - Star Whale Plush

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PATTERN ONLY! This is NOT a completed item! It is the PATTERN for how to make your own crochet Star Whale.

The Star Whale is very old, very kind, and very alone. Unless you make more than one.

If you purchase this item, the PATTERN will be immediately available for you to download as a PDF file, which can be opened with Adobe Reader. The PDF file explains how to make this totally awesome crocheted plush toy based on the Star Whale from Doctor Who. It includes the written pattern as well as images to help with assembly. It is a MODERATE DIFFICULTY pattern made of many parts. Some sewing skills are required in addition to crochet.

• size F crochet hook
• two (2) stitch markers
• yarn needle
• worsted weight yarn in purple and a small amount of white for the bioluminescent bulb
• two (2) ¼-inch safety eyes in blue (larger eyes will work as well but I wouldn’t do larger than ¾-inch)
• polyfil or other stuffing material
• beading wire or armature wire (optional, to pose the dorsal light appendage or other tentacles/fins)
• iridescent sequins (optional, to add “bioluminescent” details on the body)

Gauge: 4 sts/inch and 4 sc rows/inch The finished star whale measures approximately 20” from end tentacle to nose. Feel free to change your hook size or gauge to adjust the size to meet your needs. This pattern only contains instructions for a child-friendly, cuddly star whale with no wiring. Optional wiring of parts and sequins will render your star whale less child-friendly and less cuddly – this is up to you.

NOTE: I worked the pictured star whale in back loops only. I work tight BLO. This is optional unless you want to replicate the texture. You will be fine working regular sc.

• ch: chain
• sc: single crochet
• sl: slip stitch
• inc: increase (both sc and sl needed; assume sc unless specified)
• dec: decrease (both sc and sl needed; assume sc unless specified)
• st/sts: stitch/stitches
• rnd/rnds: round/rounds
Some sewing is required to join parts. You can use a whip stitch or running stitch or whatever stitch you prefer to joining.

** There are NO REFUNDS for pattern purchases. **

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